Monday, 14 December 2009

Bargains Up For Grabs In Copenhagen

The UN has often been accused of being nothing more than a talking shop. What the hell does that mean.?

Well, our trusty source of all knowledge, Wikipedia, says: "an organisation or place where discussion is the main activity, with no decisions or actions necessarily arising from the discussion."

This week, however, we've seen a new type of talking shop. This one has plenty of action. Buying and selling.

Copenhagen might have a wonderful Christmas market but this year there are extra special gifts available for Governments of developing countries.

Ease your conscience with the perfect gift: two CO2 cuts for the price of one. What a bargain. By buying some of the CO2 emisions allocated to the developing world you can keep your brand new coal burning power station while telling those who care that you've cut your emissions.

And guess what? It will count towards their cuts too.

So visit your local talking shop today for the gift that will keep on giving. For generation after generation....

For a catalogue of all the products available see Johann Hari's excellent piece in the Independent.